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As the dancer develops in strength and maturity it is important to design a program that highlights a student’s interest and needs.  Many dancers choose multiple weekly classes in individual techniques.  Teachers strive to combine challenging technique with a sense of fun and personal achievement.  Dancers may select from the following dance forms.




Formal instruction in classical ballet developing technique at the barre and center floor.  This is a far more disciplined form of dance and recommended for children at least 7 years old with prior dance experience.




Intermediate and advanced tap classes explore intricate rhythms, develop a strong tap vocabulary and strengthen performance skills.  Students study various styles from the technique of the 1940’s to modern-day rhythm tap.




For qualified students who have had sufficient experience in classical ballet and have developed the strength and technique required to include pointe work in their weekly ballet training.  Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 weekly ballet classes to be considered for pointe.




A fusion of classic jazz techniques and current trending combinations of movement.  Dancers stretch and strengthen by executing body isolations, learning progressions of jumps, leaps and turns all while building on their confidence and style.




Full energy dance form set to current pop and hip hop music.  Student learn the latest “street dance” moves while refining their sense of musicality and focusing on popping, locking, breaking and tutting.




Incorporates the techniques of jazz and ballet to result in an expressive dance form that tells a story or relates a feeling.  This technique is included in the weekly technique of all intermediate and advanced level jazz classes.



A creative dance technique that explores inventive movements, techniques of improvisation, and the tools of creative choreography.  Appropriate for students with a strong background in ballet and jazz.



We are pleased to be offering weekly acro classes for children ages 6 & up.  In this class dancers will strengthen their core, arms and improve their overall flexibility.  They will learn a set of tricks on mats with a qualified spotter who, during execution, will emphasize the importance of safety and proper placement.  For competition teams, this is included in “unlimited” tuition.

Teen Dance Techniques

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